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kids custom closets: function & Flexibility

When deciding to put custom closets in your home, kids closets benefit in a big way from designs that have flexibility to fit their inventory now and in the years to come as they grow and items in the closet change.

Here are some design tips and and examples of kids closets I have designed over the years.

Design Tip: Keeping the holes in the system is the key for flexility

If you really do not like the look of the holes but want to keep the flexibility for adjusting poles, shelves, adding drawers etc.

I recommend:

1# Hole plugs

If you look to the right in the shoe section on the photo below you can see the plugs in the holes

#2 Pick a finish with a grain that helps mask the holes

Design Tip: The hanging rod length

Kids clothing does not need the same hanging length as adult clothes. If you are building custom when your child is an infant/young you can have the clothing rods placed closer together and add an additional hanging rod (photo above) or shelves over hanging (photo below). The holes allow you to move and adjust the poles/shelves as inventory changes and clothes get longer.

Design Tip: Laundry Hampers/ Wire Baskets

If space permits adding laundry into the closet can free up space from the room. The can also double as storage for stuffed animals, dress up clothes or sporting equipment like soccer balls, football etc. On that same note the wire baskets can be great for toys, dress up clothes or the xl size can also double as a laundry hamper. The wire basket with a liner can also double as a drawer.

If the closet space is tight and you are trying to maximize every square inch, the closet below is an example of how to do that!

This is a shared closet for 2 little boys. There is enough hanging length for their clothes now and we were able to add shelves that can hold: folded clothes, shoes, hats, books etc. The left and right sections are the exact same width so the shelves could all move to a section on the left or right side as the closet configuration needs to change.

This closet for a little girl around 3 years old. My client wanted it designed symmetrically with the shelving and hanging. Right now her long hanging fits into a standard short hanging height. As the little one grows and needs a true long hanging section- 1 side can be adjusted to remove a hanging rod and create a long hanging section. Additional shelves above the long hanging can be ordered at that time.

This closet was designed and installed right before the baby was born. These clients decided to remove the sliding doors which gave more flexibility in the design to add drawers and a laundry hamper (when you have sliding doors on a reach in closet you have to make sure the drawer/hamper aligns to the door opening so it can extend/open fully). We also made the closet height below the door frame so there is ample room to store items on top shelf. The holes were kept in the system so shelving and hanging can move as needed.

I hope you found these tips & examples help! If you have any additional questions or would like to work together please click here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!


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