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You Start and End your Day in your Closet

About Andrea Litsch

Meet Andrea litsch

My name is Andrea, and I design closets. This is a place for me to share design projects, style, organization tips, and ways to optimize your space to make it the most functional... for YOU.


For over 6 years, I have designed residential custom storage solutions for clients. Here are some of my projects, each tailored to the unique needs of the client and space, with helpful and noteworthy details shared with each design.

dallas custom closet design
closet accessories to add to closet

Products I recommend

Working in closet design and organizing, I've utilized many different accessories that help to make a space more functional and also look great! Here are some of my favorites.


Hi there, I'm Andrea Litsch, and I'm passionate about sharing insights on custom closets and everything you need to know before diving into this journey. My blog offers practical organization advice, breaking down the intricacies of custom closets and what it entails. Dive deeper into project details, discover vendor highlights, and explore all the essential elements that make a difference!

Andrea Litsch closet designer in Dallas
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