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Meet Andrea

Andrea Litsch Closet Designer Dallas Texas
Andrea Litsch Closet Designer

Welcome to my website!


I'm Andrea Litsch, a closet designer partnered with Closet Envy in both Dallas, TX and Tampa, FL. With over six years in closet design and two years prior in professional organizing, I combine my passion for organization with thoughtful design to create beautiful and highly functional closets.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, I ventured to Florida in my twenties, spending over five years navigating various relocations across the United States and even a stint in China!

My journey into professional organizing began in Tampa, FL in 2016, where I seamlessly integrated my personal relocation experiences into a role with a professional organizer. It was during this time that I discovered my innate talent for transforming closets into havens of both beauty and functionality.


Joining California Closets as a designer in 2018 marked the beginning of my thriving career.

In 2019, I was honored with the title of "Designer Rookie of the Year," a recognition of my dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and exceptional customer experiences.

In 2020, I introduced the innovative "12 Closet Accessories of Christmas," a creative endeavor that garnered attention from closet vendors and underscored the power of social media for business.

Relocating to Dallas in 2022, I embarked on a new chapter with Closet Envy, a boutique company aligned with my design philosophy.

Building my business from the ground up in Texas, I've eagerly embraced the challenge. Expanding my digital footprint through an engaging website and blog, I've cultivated a stronger online presence. Actively networking on LinkedIn, I'm integrating myself into the vibrant Dallas business community.

My trifecta of passion for organization, discerning design sensibilities, and unwavering commitment to customer service has solidified my reputation both in Dallas and the online realm. My affiliation with esteemed organizations such as NARI, ASID and ACSP speaks to my dedication to professional excellence.

Andrea Litsch Closet Designer in Texas
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