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12 Closets of 🎄: Day 10 The Multi purpose Closet

On the 10th day of the 12 Closets of Christmas, we discuss the mutli purpose closet!

Kicking off with a project from Florida. The client owned a condo in Clearwater Beach and required a larger closet while maintaining a space for her nieces and nephews to sleep when they visit. We transformed the third room into an additional closet equipped with a wall bed!

glam multi purpose closet

The client below wanted to maximize closet space while retaining a designated area for ironing without the hassle of hauling out, opening, and closing a clunky ironing board each time it was needed. We replaced a top drawer with an ironing board to make it easy to use but hidden away. We installed valet rods close by to hang the items once ironed!

This client had audio-video equipment that required a significant portion of space within this reach-in closet. The bedroom is smaller, so we incorporated drawers, hanging space, and additional closed-off shelving for overflow tech gadgets that aren't used or accessed regularly.

closet with tech equipment in it

These clients needed additional wine storage. We utilized the majority of the reach-in closet in their spare room to create wine storage, easily accessible on pull-out trays yet easily concealed behind the closet doors. What is not visible to the right is additional hanging space and shelving.

wine closet

Final example today of a multi purpose closet is, another wall bed room! These clients had the goal to transform this room into an office, workout space, and guest room. Adding the wall bed provided the necessary floor space for a desk and workout equipment. We converted the old, small reach-in closet into an office station with a file drawer, additional junk drawers, and a pull-out printer station. Additionally, we installed a front-to-back hanging rod in the larger cabinet to the left of the wall bed, allowing guests some hanging space when they stay over.

On day 10 of the 12 closet accessories of Christmas we discuss front to back dividers.

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Andrea Litsch Dallas Closet Designer


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