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The 3 best space saving Hangers for your closet

I began my journey working with a professional organizer in 2016 and transitioned to full-time closet design in 2018. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to explore countless closets and engage in numerous discussions with clients about hangers. Through these conversations, I've gathered valuable insights and discovered the hangers that clients absolutely love. I've incorporated these recommendations into my own repertoire, ensuring I can offer the best advice to my clients.

Andrea Litsch Dallas based closet designer

Here are my top three space-saving hanger recommendations, complete with their pros and cons:

Number 1: The Velvet Hanger

velvet hanger recommendations


  • Space-Saving: With their thin profile, velvet hangers maximize closet space, allowing you to fit more clothes in a limited area.

  • Clothing Grip: The velvet material effectively grips clothes, preventing wide-neck or delicate tank tops from slipping off.

  • Affordability: Velvet hangers are very affordable and widely available at retailers like Costco, Target, Amazon, and HomeGoods.


  • Velvet Shedding: The velvet can sometimes shed onto your clothes, which is particularly noticeable and annoying when the hangers are black, and the clothes are light-colored.

  • Clothes Grip: While the grip can be a pro, it can also be a con if you prefer to quickly pull your clothes off the hangers or if you hang workout clothing, as the grip can be inconvenient.

  • Inconsistent Profiles: If you purchase velvet hangers from different vendors, the profiles can vary slightly, which may be noticeable when they are lined up in your closet.

Shop Velvet Hangers:

Number 2: Updated Plastic hanger


  • Space-Saving: These plastic hangers feature a thin profile similar to velvet hangers, allowing you to maximize closet space and fit more clothes in a limited area.

  • Easy Item Removal: The smooth plastic surface makes it easy to remove items from the hangers without hassle.

  • Cost-Effective: Thin profile plastic hangers are very affordable, making them a budget-friendly choice.


  • Slippage: Items can slip off these hangers more easily compared to velvet hangers, which might be inconvenient for certain types of clothing.

  • Availability: As a newer style, these hangers are not as widely available. It's advisable to purchase more than you need initially, as it may be difficult to find the exact style again in the future.

Shop Plastic Hangers:

Number 3: The Rubberized Hanger


  • Space-Saving: Like velvet and plastic hangers, rubberized hangers feature a slim profile that helps maximize closet space.

  • Clothing Grip: The rubberized texture provides a good grip on clothes, preventing slippage while still making it easier to remove items compared to velvet hangers.


  • Cost: Rubberized hangers are generally more expensive than other options.

  • Availability: They are relatively new to the market and often come in limited color options.

Shop Rubberized Hangers:

Choosing the right hanger can impact the organization and functionality of your closet. Whether you prefer the grip of velvet hangers, the simplicity of thin profile plastic hangers, or the versatility of rubberized hangers, each option offers unique benefits to suit different needs. Personally, I use the thin profile plastic hangers for my boyfriend's shirts and am transitioning to rubberized hangers for my own wardrobe to enhance ease of use.

If you are curious for other closet organization items you can check out my Shop page.

Happy closet organizing!

Andrea Litsch closet designer


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