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Friday's Functional Five: 5.24.24

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. In this series Friday's functional five, I'm excited to share tips, products, articles, and more that have dramatically improved the functionality of my life. My goal is to help you achieve a seamless and efficient lifestyle.

Andrea litsch closet designer

This week I am sharing, products I have and love (some are on sale), an interesting article if you have an iphone

Article: 15 Things you didn't know your iPhone could do

iPhone tricks for your phone

Microfiber cleaning cloth roll

I've raved about Branch Basics products before (read here), but pairing them with these microfiber cloths has been a real game changer. The cloths come in a roll like paper towels, allowing you to tear off strips as needed. The best part? They're washable for reuse, but if you prefer, you can simply toss them after use.

Sale on my favorite Marlow pillow

If you're tired of waking up with a sore neck or simply dislike your current pillow, these pillows are a game-changer! With zippers on both sides, you can easily adjust the firmness from fluffy to firm, customizing it to your preference every night. Take advantage of their Memorial Day sale to give them a try. I also suggest getting the pillow covers for easy washing. Click on the pillow or here to check out Marlow pillows.

Waterbottle Holder

amazon water bottle holder

A water bottle holder is an excellent way to organize your storage space. Available in various widths and heights, it helps keep everything neat and accessible. Be sure to double-check the size of your water bottles to ensure they fit perfectly without sticking out into the door frame or interfering with the shelves. You can buy on Amazon here.

Book- Wear it Well: Rediscover the joy of getting dressed

I'm nearly finished with this book, and it's been an excellent read for anyone looking to revamp and better understand their style. Click on the book photo or this link to learn more.

Thank you for dropping by! Remember to pick the tips, tricks, and products that align with your lifestyle, leaving behind what doesn't. Let's focus on optimizing rather than overwhelming our lives!

If you have any additional questions you can contact me click here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch closet designer


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