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Friday's Functional Five: 5.31.24

Happy Friday, in this weekly series Friday's functional five, series I share tips, products, articles, and more that have improved the functionality of my life. My goal is to help you achieve a seamless and efficient lifestyle.

Andrea litsch custom storage designer

This week I am sharing, products, an article and a podcast

Acupressure Mat

I've had this mat for years, and it's my go-to remedy after a poor night's sleep or when my back feels off. After experiencing some unusual posturing during a workout this week, my back has been feeling out of alignment, so I've been using the mat regularly to help alleviate the discomfort.

Podcast: Aquired- Hermes

Acquired is a podcast that delves into the stories and strategies of major companies. My boyfriend recommended the Hermes episode to me a while ago, and I finally finished it. Fascinating is an understatement. While I was familiar with the Hermes brand and its longstanding reputation, I had no idea about the intricate details of its history, how certain products came to be, and their unparalleled commitment to quality in the luxury industry.

Hangers for your Closet

hanger recommendations - target

If you're looking to upgrade your closet with thin profile hangers, check out yesterday's blog post. I share my three favorite thin profile materials and provide links to shop them.

Nail Brush

The Olive & June Nail Brush is essential for achieving a flawless manicure. This precision tool, is designed specifically for erasing stray polish and creating clean lines with ease. Its fine tip allows for meticulous correction around the edges of your nails, ensuring a professional-looking finish every time. For example, if you accidentally apply polish outside the nail bed, the brush can help easily remove the excess without disturbing the rest of your manicure. Simply dip the brush in nail polish remover and gently swipe it over the stray polish for perfect, salon-quality results at home.

Cramp Cream

cramp cream somedays

Photo from Somedays

I have endometriosis and suffer from extremely painful periods. Over the past year, I've modified my lifestyle and products to help manage the pain. I discovered Somedays, a Canadian company, and their cramp cream has been a game changer. Previously, I would vomit from cramps and take Aleve frequently. Now, the cramp cream helps take the edge off during extremely painful cycles and is sufficient on its own for lighter cramps. If you experience bad cramps and want a more holistic solution, I highly recommend Somedays! They also have a promo code MHDAY25.

Thank you for dropping by! Remember to pick the tips, tricks, and products that align with your lifestyle, leaving behind what doesn't. Let's focus on optimizing rather than overwhelming our lives!

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Thank you for stopping by!

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