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12 Closets of 🎄: Day 8 The Weird Closet Layout

On Day 8 of the 12 Closets of 🎄, we're discussing the 'weird layout closet'!

With over 6.5 years in closet design, encountering unique layouts doesn't make me nervous anymore :) However, at times, it can result in a missed opportunity for valuable closet real estate.

In this closet below, if you examine the right hanging section, you'll notice there's additional space behind it.

weird closet layout

The space is about 27" wide and 35" deep. Trying to incorporate that area intothe design actually lost space in the design zones. We left the area open for clients to store luggage bck there. In future we could also add shelving if that was needed for hidden storage.

In the closet below, there was a similar bump in the wall, but the space was wider. The back hanging section has a 24" depth, allowing for better access to clothing, while we placed shelving and a laundry hamper in the narrower space.

odd primary closet layout

In the closet below, there's a lowered ceiling above the hanging area on the back wall. My assumption was that it was intended for luggage storage. However, this detail becomes unnecessary when you build a custom closet because we could have designed deeper sections to accommodate luggage while maintaining a consistent height throughout the closet system.

primary closet design with weird ceiling

The final example today is not so much weird as it is out of the ordinary...a hidden door!

We found a workaround for a heavy, old-school hidden door: we mirrored the door and added belt racks on the side panels within the hidden area. The clients will be using this space to store luggage, ensuring easy access without occupying valuable closet real estate!

If you have a peculiar closet layout and need advice, please contact me for help! Click here to send me an email.

On day 8 of the 12 closet accessories of 🎄in 2020 we talked about: the laundry hamper.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch Dallas Closet Designer


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