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5 tips to keep your closet organized in 2023

Hello 2023!

It's a new year and a great time to implement some changes to make life easier and less stressful :) So let's do that in the closet!

You start and end your day with your closet. If it's a mess that means your day starts with a morning a struggle to find things. If there is not the right organizational flow the end of the day could just be piling the clothes on the floor because you are exhausted and do not want to deal with it.

Have you ever repurchased the same/similar thing because you can't find it only to find it sometime later?

It's time to get a better organizational flow going in your closet!

5 simple tips to organize your closet

Step 1: Reassess and purge

This step can feel overwhelming. Check out this blog post I posted in December to easily purge your closet. If you are reassessing on a regular basis the stress around this step is very minimal I promise!

Last year I implemented Sundays in the closet- where I was spending 10 mins putting everything back from my drop zone (#5) and making sure it was a clean start to the week. Eventually I started to put most things back in their spots and now I spend minimal to no timing needing to clear my drop zone. Building it into my live as a habit has been very beneficial.

Step 2: Create a layout for the way you get dressed

What makes sense for way you get dressed? Do you like to keep your work clothes separate from casual? Do you hang your workout wear? Do you like everything to be sorted by color or item type? Finding the right set up is important for the ease of getting ready.

If you hang work shirts together, make sure the pants are close by so it's easy to create an outfit. Simple adjustments by keeping items together can shave time off of getting ready that can be used elsewhere in your morning routine :)

Kudos if you have a valet rod. Life is also a lot easier with that closet accessory!

Step 3: Streamline Hangers and Color code

If your closet is not over stuffed and you only want to do 1 step and get max organization impact this is it!! Get those hangers streamlined and color code that closet. Mismatched hangers and colors all over the place are not pleasing to the eye and getting it sorted makes the world of a difference.

I am personally bias to a nonslip hangers- it is sleek and takes up minimal space to leave max space to hang. Wooden hangers are great for bulkier jackers and blazers. I also bought these pant hangers for Chris and also really like them.

All of these hanger options are great solutions:

An easy color coding tip is to follow ROYGBIV- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Dealers choice on where you want white, grey, brown and black to go. I typically start with which and if the grey/browns are light I put them at the front if not at the end with black.

Step 4: Gain Extra shoe space by placing shoes toe to heel

If your shoe shelves are a little tight in space toe to heel for your shoes could be that little trick that helps them to fit the shelf.

Step 5: Have a drop zone and a regular plan to tidy the drop zone

Even if your closet is perfectly organized and things have purposeful homes there are just life moments when you are rushed and can't put stuff away.

This is normal.

Creating an intentional drop zone area and a plan to tidy it is setting you up for success. When you don't have the time to put stuff away its not a big deal but you have created a plan to tidy it so it doesn't get out of control.

I mentioned this above but it's worth repeating.

There is a yellow stool in my closet that I use as my drop zone.

I started Sundays in the closet spring last year- with 10mins in the closet every Sunday to tidy up the stuff left on the yellow stool and tidy up the shoes, folded and other items out of place. I found as the weeks went on I started to put more stuff back at night and that on Sundays I now need minimal time to tidy up the space.

No matter what, the keys to success with organizing are: find a flow that makes sense for you and a building in a routine to maintain it. Once it becomes a regular part of life it will not feel like a big undertaking that the dread around the tidy up will fade away.

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Thank you for stopping by!


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