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5 Trends emerging in Closets that need to stay

I have been a closet designer for over 5 years. These are 5 noteworthy trends in closets to keep in mind if you are embarking on a custom closet journey.

5 trends emerging in closet design I think are worth consideration::

  1. Not making the closet an afterthought when designing/renovating your home

  2. Moving away from classic white with chrome

  3. Appreciating the accessories

  4. Lighting (warm/cool-remotes-mutli control)

  5. Choosing multiple finish colors

#1 Not making the closet an afterthought when designing/renovating your home

I cannot tell you the amount of weird angles (not usable for designing), bump outs, large windows that take up valuable wall real estate, electrical panels and sound systems I have seen in closets over the years. All of these things impact the amount you can store in your closet.

In this closet they have the alarm panel box- we designed around it with shelving because a desk will go on the empty wall and we did not want hangers sticking out directly where the desk is.

In this closet we placed mid length hanging over the sound panel and the laundry hamper below. The hanging rod is high enough over the panel so the hanger will not hit the panel

In this closet the 3 windows took up too much valuable closet real estate so we needed to cover them. We backed the closet in the areas with windows only. The right photo is what it looks like from the street window. Another option would have been for the client to add a shade to window so nothing is visible from outside.

#2 Moving away from classic white with chrome hardware

If you love a classic white with chrome closet- all the power to you it is here and available! But, if you want to explore other finish and metal options- the choices are there and creating your closet can include more design elements in it to blend with the rest of your home style.

#3 Appreciating the accessories

Going custom with the layout is more thank just the hanging rods and shelving. The accessories are what really take it to next level organized. Having a valet rod to hang your work outfit for the next morning. A belt rack so you can easily grab the belt for your outfit and keep moving. Drawer dividers so you can sort your intimates, t shirts, pjs etc. so you can easily identify and grab out of the drawer what you need. Wall hooks & organizers so you can hang your hats, robes, purses you regularly swap etc that can look organized but easy to grab & go.

#4 Lighting

If the budget allows, got for the lighting. It is a functional + aesthetic addition to your closet. It helps you to see the colors of your clothing better and can be placed on a remote to turn on and accent certain items at certain times. You have the choice of warm or cool lighting and as I just mentioned it can be placed on a remote so you can pick which lights turn on, set settings for how bright/dim you want then and then preset your faves so it can be like pushing the seat button in your car.

#5 Choosing multiple finishes

I mentioned moving away from the white/chrome in #2 but I think it's worth a separate mention about multi finish mixing in your closet. Where it is changing the doors and drawers or making the island a different finish. I think this is a fun way to add a pop into your closet and it does not have to break the bank $.

I hope you found today's suggestions helpful. If you have additional questions or feedback please leave a comment or click here to contact me.

Thank you for stopping by!


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