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Designing my Custom Apartment Closet pt.1

I have a combined experience of over 7 years in the professional organizing and closet design industry.

Andrea Litsch closet designer

Over the years I have embarked on a diverse array of projects, spanning from simple functional designs to extravagant, Kardashian-inspired closet transformations.

Over the summer I made the decision to redo and customize my apartment closet.

Living in an apartment might seem like a weird choice to redo the closet, but as a closet designer, I wanted a place to be able to educate on social media, and also, the Dallas apartment (and secondary space) market is MAJORLY LACKING in functional design.

So I decided to build (with Closet Envy) my own closet to show an example of how going custom can really impact the space and does not have to break the banks!

The before apartment closet:

not functional closet

builders grade closet

What was not working:

  • too much hanging space

  • not enough usable shelving space for shoes and folded items

  • no bridging sections to be able to optimize corners (hanging rods ran into each other which is not usable space)

  • shelves over hanging rods not deep enough (items stuck out past the shelves)

  • no valet rods

  • no flexibility to adjust the closet

The Goal: To make getting ready in the mornings easy & effortless

If you found any of those terms confusing or want to learn more on closet lingo click here for a blog post on closet terms you need to know.

My bf and I took apart the old closet (it was a hassle and I will outsource this in the future but wanted to try for myself this time!).

closet demo in dallas

Check back on Thursday for the reveal of my custom apartment closet!

If you are reading this and are in the DFW area and would like more information on custom closets, please click here to contact me.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch Dallas based Closet Designer


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