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Friday's Functional Five: Travel

Happy Functional Friday!

I have been at the Woodworking Network Closets Conference and Expo this week and am speaking this morning at 9 AM on a panel about personal branding. I am excited and nervous about the public speaking aspect. Wish me luck that I don't forget my name!

Since this is a travel week, I thought it would make sense to share 5 travel items in this week's Functional 5.

travel to Chicago

A cocktail of immunity

I went through multiple rounds of being sick over the winter. Determined not to go through that again, I tried this when we went to Utah. It worked—despite my parents being sick and the cold weather, I came back 100% fine. I'm convinced, and now I have all three with me on this trip to Chicago and Toronto.

Thule clean/dirty laundry packing cube

I am a big fan of compression packing cubes for most things. I really like the Thule brand and decided to try this one that has a separator meant to differentiate between clean and dirty clothes. I think this is genius! You could use both sides for dirty clothes and separate undergarments and socks from the rest

luggage protector

Luggage protector

I posted on instastories asking my boyfriend to help me put this luggage protector on my bag for the first time. He was mortified, but you know what? It worked! There wasn't a scratch on the brand new luggage. Not only that, but it was also pouring rain as we boarded our flight home, and I watched this little rain jacket protect the bag! I have it with me again in Chicago and can report we are still scratch-free. This is the one I ordered and this is a slightly less obvious version.

Travel noise machine

Chris bought us a Loftie for home, and on the brown noise setting, I have never slept better. Traveling is a whole other story. Being in a hotel room with the air turning itself on and off, along with whatever other noises you hear, makes for disrupted sleep. I bought a portable one on Amazon that has brown noise, which is exactly what I was looking for. It makes a huge difference for sleep in a hotel room!

Tech organizer

If you forget parts of charging cords, headphones, etc., this tech organizer will change your life. It has tons of compartments and allows you to create a layout that makes sense for you. It's almost like having a double-check to make sure all the cords, chargers, earbuds, etc., are present.

Remember, these are just suggestions that I have found effective. Take what works for you!

Join me next Friday as we explore products and strategies to bring function and efficiency into every aspect of life. If you have any additional questions or would like to work together please click here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch closet designer


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