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How Much Do Custom Closets Cost?

When you are designing a custom space- every project is unique.

“The cost of the closet depends on size, material choices, and accessories added”

Having an idea on the look you are going for - could be Inso photos you pulled from instagram, Houzz, Pinterest etc. and using those to show your closet designer is the fastest way to get a $$ range estimate.

In the day and age of Netflix organization shows and social media providing endless tips and inspiration to get organized, custom closets are well within reach and can fit a broad range of budgets!

Think of the levels for custom storage as evolving -> the bigger the space + more you are add into a closet, the more it will cost.

Level 1: Straightforward function

functional reach in closet design

Adjustable shelving, hanging that can be adjusted and a few essential accessories like valet rods, belt and tie racks. If you want the most economical route in custom this is it. Great if you have a strict budget. The holes allow for adjustability down the line to include drawers, doors, more shelving can be added or layout reconfiguration. Perfect in guest closets or kids rooms. Typically starting around $125 a linear ft.

Level2: Function meets the needed accessories and higher finishes

budget friendly closet design Dallas

Drawers, accessories, laundry hampers, a jewelry or sunglasses insert. Picking mid tier finishes. While this option still highly values the function, there is a little more of a attention to aesthetic. Typically starting around $200-$300 a linear ft.

Level 3: Adding the wow factor

custom closet level 3 cost Dallas

Adding the wow factor has many different forms. Deeper drawers, doors with glass inserts, lighting. In a level 3 the aesthetic has a higher priority and the budget is higher to alignment with the goals for the space. Typically starting around $450 a linear ft.

Level 4: All of the Wow factor

level 4 closet design dallas closets

The sky is the limit and you want what you want. Thicker material, backing, lighting everywhere, metal frame doors with different inserts, custom drilling. You are in it to win it and while function is always important, the aesthetic goal is high. Typically starting around $750 a linear ft.

When doing your research on custom closet companies: different closet company's offer different quality materials, upgrades and overall experience.

Just because they are a closet company does not mean you are getting apples to apples.

Some company's standards include features (like soft close drawers) that other's will charge as an upgrade. The standard material thickness, edge banding quality and carb 2 compliant materials are also factors that vary by company.

There are also a lot of DIY or very affordable options such as IKEA that you can buy prefab and tailor it to your closet size/needs if true custom is not the right option for you.

If you live in Dallas, Texas or would like to do a virtual consult please click here to learn more.

If you have any additional questions on custom closets please leave a comment below or click here to email.

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