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Recent Install: Primary Closet with Peninsula

Walking you through a recent install of a primary closet where we built a peninsula as a divide between his & hers sides.

These clients have a great size primary closet. They wanted to create a divide with a peninsula to give a his (left side) and hers (right side).

We made the focal point the mirror doors when you walk into the closet. They look nice, provide a full length mirror in the closet and have shelving behind the doors to hide folded items/ out of season sweaters/ hats that you don't want to look at.

His Side

On his side the hanging poles are spaced further apart because his clothes are longer and he is taller and able to reach. We added closed upper storage.

On the back wall we placed his drawers (a mirror is being added) and upper closed storage.

To the right and his side of the peninsula we did wrap shelving for shoes (this will be fixed and not easily adjustable) and an additional section of shelving that is adjustable. We also added a valet rod in this section.

her Side

On her side the hanging rods are lower so we added an extra shelving for storage above the upper hanging rods.

On her side of the peninsula we added adjustable shelving and longer hanging in the back. We placed the valet rod in the adjustable hanging area.

By the door we added additional shelving storage and a pull out tag hardware engage jewelry tray that will be used for sunglasses and a tilt out laundry hamper with 2 removable bags.

Additional Details:

  • we kept the holes in the system for easy change within the sections and resale value- if someone new moves in they have the ability to easily modify sections to what makes sense for them.

  • system has a fascia top treatment to go flush to the ceiling

  • Her side has a glass counter over drawers and the top drawer is a jewelry tray with microsuede insert

  • base molding to help hide gaps if floor is not perfectly level

  • no backing

  • flat front doors and modern miter glass & mirror doors

  • 1/2 overlay on doors and drawers

I hope you enjoyed this closet tour of a recent his & hers primary closet install.

Would love to hear your feedback in the comments, or if you have additional questions or want to learn more about custom closets please click here.


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