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Recent Install: Primary Closets His & Hers

Today's post is sharing his & hers closets from a recent install.

These clients purchased a home and wanted to update all the closets. Their plan is to live in this house for about 10 years so they want to be comfortable in their spaces, functional so everyday closet life is easy but also didn't want to go overboard because this is not their forever home (resale value- flexility in the adjustability was important).

custom closet designer dallas

Closet finish in both closets is Belair with gold Tag hardware modern handles in 8".

Primary Closet; His

In his closet we placed the drawers as a focal when looking in from the closet door. With the space above the drawers it is a great drop zone to keep wallet, keys etc. The mirror backing over drawers helps to give a clean but open look.

custom closet design closet envy

This view is to the left of the doorway. We placed the shelves there so it is a clean entrance into closet and no hangers are sticking out in the way.

mens custom closet design

This view is to the right when you walk in the closet. We added a full length mirror with hidden shelving behind it (to hold hats, folded items that you don't want to look at but access easily). To the right of the mirror was a tiny/horrible for function alcove. We ran hanging past it and the clients are going to store luggage behind it.

full length mirror in custom closet

This wall is to the right of the doorway. We did additional drawers, shelving and added higher hanging on wardrobe lifts that can be easy to access but used for less frequent winter clothing.

wardrobe lifts in custom closet

Primary Closet: Hers

In her closet we wanted to make more of a glam statement from the doorway so we added the shaker doors with mirror backing over the drawers and covered the upper shelving to keep the clean look.

Womens custom closet

To the right we added long hanging. The doorway is an entrance to a small cedar closet with long hanging space. We decided to leave that closet as is. The client will put any winter coats/formal wear that is low use in the space.

primary closet design

The shelving is directly to the right the closet doorway. We have shelving for shoes on this side.

custom closet closet envy

This view is to the left of the doorway. We added additional shelving for purses/folded etc. and the double hanging.

custom primary closet dallas

We also added a valet rod, belt rack and microsuede jewelry trays to help keep the clients organized.

If you have any questions on these designs or custom closets please leave a comment to you can contact me here.


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