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Small Closets Need Customization too

Updated: 3 days ago

Sharing photos today from a recent installation. The clients, moving into a home with small closets, wanted to optimize all the spaces.

Andrea Litsch dallas closet designer

Guest Closet

guest closet

The client's parents will use this closet when they are in town. The closet system includes room for short hanging, shelving, long hanging, and a pull-out pant rack, which the client loves and wanted her parents to have access to. The system is elevated off the ground, making it easy for her parents to store their suitcases underneath once they unpack.

Daughter's Closet

daughters reach in closet custom

The daughter's closet features a hybrid system. The drawers are floor-mounted, and the hanging sections have no base. The system includes adjustable holes, so the hanging rods can be moved as the little one grows.

Hall closet next to primary bedroom

hall closet

The primary bedroom has only one small closet (see photo below), so we enhanced the adjacent hall closet with additional features. These include double hanging, a pull-out pant rack, and an extra drawer.

Primary Small closet

reach in closet

This closet is just shy of four feet wide. The client was keen on including a pant rack, a favorite feature from her previous closet, so we incorporated it into the hall closet, which has a wider door frame. We kept the design simple by dividing the space into double hanging and long hanging sections.

Husband's office closet/his primary closet

office and husbands reach in closet

Due to the limited space in the primary closet, the husband chose to use his office closet as his main wardrobe. He needed to store office boxes on the top shelf, so we lowered the overall height of the closet system to accommodate the boxes without interfering with the door frame. This adjustment meant there wasn't enough room for double hanging, so we opted for a single hanging section with shelving above on both sides, and additional hanging space over the drawers.

All closets were in classic white with gold hardware.

My final thoughts for this blog post: Don’t overlook the small spaces! They often benefit the most from custom storage solutions.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch


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