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Walk in Closet Install: Triple finish & double metal mix

This walk-in primary closet is a great example of how to add wow to your closet by mixing finishes. This trick does not impact the budget!

walk in closet Dallas TX

The closet finishes are classic white, black, and platinum gray. We used slate gray hanging rods from Tag Hardware, and the client provided the black T-bar knurled handles.

triple finish mix in closet

We kept the full line boring/holes in the system, which gives the client adjustability options down the line—if they want to change interior components from single hang to double hang or add drawers, keeping the holes makes it easy and possible. If you want to learn more closet lingo, you can click here.

tag hardware slate hanging rods

We started with the classic white and platinum drawer fronts. We decided to change the edge banding and base molding to platinum gray to bring more of the gray color in but still keep the closet light and bright.

laundry hamper in closet

We worked around the electrical panels in the closet, mindfully placing a hanging rod over the panel and putting a tilt-out laundry hamper below.

wow factor when you walk in closet

vanity built into closet

custom handle choice for closet drawers

The black element came into the closet as the counter over drawers, vanity top, laundry hamper door front, and the knurled handles the client found on Amazon for $4 a piece! The client provided the handles, and I did not see them until installation. She made a great choice!

A big part of my love for this job is the collaborative effort with clients to design and pick details. There are so many ways to design a custom closet, and the more the client inputs on what they like, don't like, and important details to accomplish, the better the end result.

If you have any additional questions about this design or would like to work together, please click here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch Closet Designer


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