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12 Closets of 🎄: Day 1 The Kids Closet

What better way to start the 12 days of closets than with kids closets?

12 days of Christmas kids closet

Kids closets have always been one of my favorite custom storage spaces to create.


Because, with custom, the closets will grow with your kids!

The holes in the side panels mean you can move the poles and shelves easily as the inventory grows and needs change!

The accessories added can also change their use. For instance, in the above closet, the wire basket with liner could initially be used for toys when this little guy is young. As he grows, it could transition into a laundry hamper.

In the closet below, we added valet rods and a belt rack. Think your child does not need a valet rod? Think again!

The valet rods in your kids' closets can be used to lay out the clothes you'd like them to wear (fingers crossed on that!), or empower them to lay out their own clothes the night before a family gathering or event.

Start them young on the good habits of a clean and organized closet space :)

Ending on the valet rod note, in 2020 I kicked off the 12 Closet Accessories of 🎄 with my favorite closet accessory: The Valet Rod

Thank you for stopping by and see you tomorrow for day 2!

Andrea Litsch Dallas Closet Designer


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