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12 Closets of 🎄: Day 5 The Hall Closet

On the 5th day of the 12 closets of christmas, let's delve into the front hall closet! It serves as the gateway to your home, accommodating numerous items needed daily.

The closet in the photo below, situated in the front hall, formerly featured a builder's grade rod with a fixed shelf set at a mid-height level, leading to unused space both above and below.

front hall closet

In the new design, we've provided this family with short hanging space (as they currently don't have long coats), room below the hanging area for kids' backpacks, designated space for shoes, and upper storage for less frequently used items.

The added bonus?

The adjustable setup accommodates easy modifications, allowing for more hanging or shoe space if needed!

This front hall closet doesn't have a door.

dark front hall closet

We added slanted shoe shelves to enhance the visual appeal and left a few adjustable for accommodating any new shoes that might not fit into the fixed angled shelves.

To date, this is probably the narrowest hall closet I have ever seen and designed :)

It was located at the back entrance of a condo in Florida. As it wasn't the primary entrance, we decided to add some shelving and hooks for hanging jackets or backpacks.

When you don't have a front hall closet, an option is to create a mudroom

If you don't have a front closet or space for a mudroom like the one in the photo above, this Symphony wall organizer from Tag Hardware is a fantastic alternative. It also has a shoe hook (not shown) to help get the shoes off the ground!

tag hardware symphony wall organizer

That's it for hall closets

On the 5th day of the Closet Accessories of Christmas in 2020, I discussed a pull-out tie rack.

Thank you for stopping by and see you tomorrow!

Andrea Litsch Dallas Closet Designer


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