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12 Closets of ๐ŸŽ„: Day 6 The Shared Closet

On the 6th day of the 12 closet of ๐ŸŽ„ we discuss: the shared closet.

I have designed many shared primary closets over the years. In some cases, we've built a peninsula in the middle to create a divide, similar to the one in the photo below.

closet with a peninsula

Here are a few different photos of this shared closet:

His side:

Her side:

Another closet featuring a peninsula divider, separating the his and hers sides:

In this primary closet we divided the shared space by side:

galley closet

Sometimes, there is no obvious divide to the space like these closets:

primary closet his and hers

shared closet space

primary shared closet dallas

When designing closets for clients, we always discuss the functional needs of the space, aesthetic goals, and budget. A shared closet does not always mean an equal 50/50 divide of the space. Sometimes one partner has more inventory than the other and needs to use more of the closet space :)

On day 6 of the 12 closet accessories of Christmas in 2020 we looked at Jewelry inserts

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch Dallas Closet Designer


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