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12 Closets of 🎄: Day 9 Closets coming in 2024

On the 9th day of the 12 Closet genres of Christmas, we look at some exciting closets coming to life in 2024!

Crafting thoughtful and functional designs is always my priority, and the layout of this closet below significantly improves the couple's inventory organization, making it much easier to get ready. We have added many important accessories to help with the organization including: valet rods, belt racks, symphony wall organizers!

Dallas Primary Closet

This is my first time designing a pink closet, and I'm excited about it! Closet Envy recently introduced this beautiful blushing blossom pink, and this closet is going to look fabulous! Working with this client and their interior designer, we've crafted a space where no detail is overlooked—both in aesthetics and function! From lighting, Element Design doors, and stealth locks to drawer dividers, valet rods, valet buttons, belt racks, jewelry inserts, and even a packing station. We meticulously considered every detail to ensure that getting ready each day will be an effortless joy.

boutique primary closet dallas

Tomorrow, on Day 10 🎄, we will discuss multipurpose closets, and this closet exemplifies just that! The mirror door cabinets on the left are storing bedding, pillows, and potentially a printer in the future. The drawers below the mirrored cabinets have file inserts. The cabinets above the drawer bank with the mirror feature a plug for a charging station. Above the laundry hamper area, there's a drawer housing a pull-out ironing board!

multi purpose closet

Wrapping up closets to come in 2024 with a functional favorite! This couple is renovating their bathroom, and both primary closets are also receiving a major facelift! These updated functional designs provide the necessary adjustable shelving space, ample hanging, and essential accessories such as valet rods and a belt rack.

That concludes some of the closets coming in early 2024!

on the 9th day of the 12 closet accessories of Christmas, we looked at wall hooks.

If you have any additional questions on any of the closets discussed please click here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch Dallas Closet Designer


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