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5 Must-Have Closet Accessories for an Efficient and Stylish Closet

Two weeks ago I wrote about 5 closet design ideas for small spaces (you can read here). This week I want to talk about 5 accessories that you would want to include in your custom design, or add to your existing closet to maximize efficiency and ease of getting ready.

thin hangers for closet

Getting dressed in the morning can feel like a daunting task when your closet is disorganized. You can't find what you want to wear, you are running late, you end up rebuying things you already own because you forgot about them.

These 5 items will not break the bank and will make a world of a difference in your mornings in the ease to get ready and also the overall visual appeal every time you look at your closet.

“Closet accessories that are right for you and your space will shave off valuable time in your morning and evening routines because you are able to find things easier”

5 Game changer closet accessories:

  1. Valet rod

  2. Acrylic shelf dividers

  3. Hooks/a drop zone

  4. Drawer dividers

  5. Streamlining your hangers

The valet rod

I am starting with my favorite closet accessory. If you follow me on on instagram (here) you know!

The valet rod is installed to a side panel or shelf in a closet.

tag hardware valet rod

It pulls out for use and tucks away when not needed.

gold valet rod by tag hardware

There are great for: outfit planning (for you, your spouse or your kids), packing for a trip, bringing dry cleaning back into your closet, setting out work clothes the night prior etc.

If you are currently using a hanger to hang off another hanger to see your clothes, a valet rod is for you!

Acrylic shelf dividers

The acrylic shelf divider slides onto a shelf and can help hold up: purses that can't stand on their own, hats, folded items etc. They can create a movable cubby which I love because it does not force you to stay with a built in small space design.

acrylic shelf dividers

clear shelf dividers

I am a big fan of acrylic accessories period in a closet because they blend in and can be very functional while also being invisible!

Here are some of my favorite acrylic closet accessories:

Hooks/a drop zone

different style hooks

I have yet to see a closet that does not benefit from hooks or a drop zone.

Hooks are great if you have items you reach for on the regular and want to have it handy. That dog walking hoodie, the belt you use daily, the purses you swap on a regular basis.

The drop zone is for the items you don't have time to put away. Maybe you were trying on different items to go out and don't have time to put away. The drop zone is the temporary place things live until they go back to their homes. Setting yourself up for success is also being real with yourself. I wrote about the drop zone in this blog post on keeping your closet organized. Not putting stuff away is normal, but having the plan to put it away before it multiples into a major project is the goal.

Drawer Dividers/Organizers

I love drawer dividers because you don't have to instagram fold the item to make it look good. The dividing can give natural organization that is easy to use.

Cubby style is great for: a junk drawer, intimates, belts, ties, jewelry, smaller scarves and more.

Front back dividers are great to separate most clothes, clutches, scarves, flat shoes and sandals and more.

Removable drawer organizers are great to create multiple difference divided sections in a drawer. I use these in my workout drawer to separate sports bras from tops and in the organizer is my socks.

Streamlining your hangers

Mismatched hangers lack a uniformity that can appear chaotic and to the eye. Streamlining your hangers and color coding your clothing will make a world of a difference in your closet. If you don't want to repurchase all new hangers, try to group the hanger colors/styles together so they appear unified.

streamline hangers in closet

I hope you have found these tips for 5 closet accessories to max efficiency in your closet helpful.

If you have additional questions or are interesting working together please click here.

Andrea Litsch Closet Designer Dallas Texas


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