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The Best Space-Saving Hangers for Maximizing Closet Space

Throughout my years in closet design, clients have frequently asked my opinion on the most effective space-saving hangers for their new closets. I'm excited to share the four options I recommend below, and here's a surprise: none of them are velvet!

space saver hangers to buy for your closet

Velvet hangers set the trend for the slim hanger style I'm holding in the photo above. However, hanger materials have evolved since then, offering non-slip features and making it easier to put on and take off your clothes from the hanger.

The four space saving hangers I recommend:


These hangers are affordable, practical, and get the job done. If you're aiming to be cost-effective, this is the way to go. When we moved to Dallas, I replaced my boyfriend's collection of multi-colored plastic hangers with these. They work wonderfully for shirts and lightweight hoodies. However, I wouldn't recommend using them for suit jackets or pants. I specifically purchased these for my boyfriend's pants.


These hangers are a step up in quality from the Target option above in the sense that they are a little more sturdy and could be used for pants.

If you don't have coordinating clip hangers for I recommend something like this.

The Container Store

The gold standard for hangers, these offer an excellent non-slip option, come in three colors, and even have a matching pant/skirt hanger with clips.

The Container Store pt.2

These hangers are excellent if you want them to seamlessly blend into the space. They are made of plastic, and if you have wide-neck tops or camisoles, you might need to add a grip like this to the hangers that require extra support

I am forever looking to add to my list of recommendations. If you have a hanger you love in your closet please comment below or click here to send an email.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch closet designer


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