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Friday's Functional Five: 5.17.24

Welcome to Friday's Functional Five!

I am thrilled to have you here. In these functional five blog posts and social media shares, I'm on a mission to uncover and present tips, products, articles, and more that have significantly enhanced the functionality of my life. My aim? To make your life seamless and efficient! So, let's dive in and discover the tools that can revolutionize the way you live.

Andrea litsch closet designer

Cable Clips

Tired of the constant struggle when your computer cords take a nosedive behind the desk, creating a tangled mess on the floor? Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to seamless organization with these game-changing cable clips. Placing them on the back and sides of your desk will revolutionize the way you manage your cords, making the ordeal of fishing cords up a thing of the past. Trust me, once you experience the difference, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Article: Packing & Travel hacks

YYZ summer travels

If summer adventures are beckoning on the horizon, you won't want to miss this fantastic article from Wit & Whimsy: Packing and Travel Hacks I swear by. As a seasoned traveler with a fabulous boutique travel atelier, she's the ultimate authority on all things travel. Personally, I've got my sights set on utilizing her expertise for planning an insta dream worthy trip to France!

Receipts they have BPA in them

stop touching receipts

Did you know that receipts contain BPA? Shocking, right? I, too, was taken aback. Over the past year, I've been actively making lifestyle changes to reduce endocrine disruptors in my life. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that something as seemingly innocuous as receipts could disrupt your endocrine system. Read more in the article: Till Receipts Avoiding Endocrine Disruptors at the checkout. Food for thought to opt for an emailed or text receipt instead!

Sunglasses Holder

amazon sunglasses holder under 25

After spotting this stylish acrylic sunglasses holder on LVCD's Instagram, I was called to try it! Kept by my front door, it's become an essential part of not forgetting my sunglasses. Sold in a convenient 4-pack, you can showcase multiple pairs at once, but I prefer to keep one on display with my top three favorite sunglasses while storing the rest in the drawer below, swapping them out as needed. You can see the product here from Amazon for under $25.

Art of Sleep

art of summer pajamas

These pajamas are soft and the perfect lightweight for hot Dallas summers! Crafted by a woman I've known since my baseball days, this company prioritizes both quality and sustainability. Each piece features hand-painted patterns on bamboo fabric, ensuring optimal temperature regulation and environmental friendliness. I opted for a medium size, although my regular small would have fit perfectly. You can shop all her products here: Art of Sleep.

Thank you for dropping by! Remember to pick the tips, tricks, and products that align with your lifestyle, leaving behind what doesn't. Let's focus on optimizing rather than overwhelming our lives!

If you have any additional questions you can contact me click here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch closet designer


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