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Friday's Functional Five: Closet Accessories

Andrea Litsch Closet Envy Dallas

Happy Functional Friday! This week flew by (as they all seem to lately). On Monday, was the Eclipse, and it was in the path of totality Dallas. There were a lot of road closures and it was cool to stand outside and have the sky go dark for a few mins. Thank you to everyone who read last week's Friday's Functional 5 post. I am grateful for all the positive feedback! If you didn't get a chance to read it, you can find the blog post here, and the Instagram reel here.

This week's Functional 5 is all about enhancing your closet with five helpful accessories and clever solutions. Plus, you might already have two of these game-changers at home already!

how to keep tall boots standing up

An effective and sustainable way to keep tall boots standing upright is by rolling up magazines. Unlike boot inserts, water bottles, or pool noodles, tightly rolled magazines prove to be the most efficient solution. Simply roll them to fit snugly into the boot, and they expand to the perfect size. As an added bonus, if you have a pile of magazines waiting to be purged, repurposing them for your boots is a win-win solution!

acrylic hat organizer

This acrylic hat divider is a fantastic solution for keeping ball caps neatly organized while remaining easily accessible. Positioned in a cabinet near our front door, it offers the perfect balance of tidiness and convenience. Even when hidden behind closed doors, its design allows for quick and effortless selection of the desired hat.

Friday's functional five organization tips

shelf dividers

One of my long-standing favorites is the adjustable acrylic shelf divider. Its versatility allows you to create makeshift cubbies that can be easily repositioned. However, if you're looking for something more permanent for taller items that don't require frequent adjustment, consider adhesive clear shelf dividers. They're perfect for stacking clothing or accommodating high, floppy bags that need additional height to be properly sectioned off

zip lock bags to store bikinis

Years ago, a client shared her ingenious method of organizing bikinis in zip-lock bags, and I was instantly obsessed! I swiftly embraced this practical approach. My excitement turned to disappointment when I splurged on custom bikini bags last year. Trust me, save your money – they're not worth it (stay tuned for a separate blog post on closet accessory items I regret). Instead, opt for clear plastic zip-lock bags from Amazon (or whatever you have in your kitchen drawer). They're a fantastic solution for keeping your bikinis organized and travel-ready.

purse hooks in closet

Purse hooks are a fantastic addition to any closet if you have extra hanging space. They're perfect for hanging bulkier totes and bags that you swap regularly. In my own closet, I utilize one hook for my travel tote, the second hook is for a handbag that I swapped in and out throughout the winter season.

Remember, creating a space that works for you is all about finding the right tools and systems that fit your lifestyle.

Join me again next Friday as we continue to explore products and strategies to bring function and order into every aspect of life.

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Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch closet designer


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