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Friday's Functional Five: Your Car

Happy Functional Friday!

Thank you to everyone who read last week's Functional 5 post. I am grateful for all the positive feedback! If you didn't get a chance to read it, you can find the blog post here.

This week's Functional Five is all about your car!!

driving gloves the skinny confidential

As a closet designer I have spent alot of time in my car over the last 6+ years driving to client consults, site visits and installs.

A Swiffer duster in your glove box

Keep the Swiffer in your glove box, and when you are going through a car wash or sitting at a red light, you can dust your dashboard and center console!

Goop for cleaning cup holders

car goop to clean cup holders

The cup holders and middle console of a vehicle get dirty beyond dust. This goop gets the job done quickly. I have tried cleaning wipes or spraying cup holders down, and it is painful to get the crumbs out. Not with this. Fast and efficient!

A raised cup holder for 32oz hydro flask/yeti

larger water bottle holder for cup holder

 I am a 32oz Hydro Flask gal. They don't fit in my standard car cup holder, and I've had the hydro flask leak out on my front seat multiple times, and the last time was pretty bad. I don't want to put the water bottle on the ground because then I can't reach it when driving. This elevated cup holder is not the prettiest to look at, but damn it, it's functional! I will be keeping an eye out for something more aesthetically appealing, but if you are spilling your water bottle on your front seat like I was, this is definitely going to fix that problem! Something to note: make sure you check the reviews on the cup insert because certain sizes don't fit certain vehicles.

Purse hook

I always keep my purse on the passenger seat during solo drives. However, when accompanied by my boyfriend or another passenger, it ends up on the floor behind the drivers seat. This routine provokes annoying as retrieving my purse becomes a cumbersome task. Moreover, the perils of Texas driving result in my purse rolling about on the floor. Enter these hooks, hooked from the headrest. They make it easy to place and retrieve my purse as needed

Driving gloves

Protect your skin! I wish I had started this years ago on Florida. I like this version from The Skinny Confidential that protects the arms, but still gives texting finger mobility, but amazon also has some full glove options like this and this one that are highly rated.

Creating a space that works for you is all about finding the right tools and systems that fit your lifestyle!

If you have any additional questions or to contact me click here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch closet designer

1 Comment

Apr 26

Andrea - I'd love to see a nice system to keep organized when 'dialing for dollars' (as I like to call it) and making sales calls in the car. It's SO HARD to stay organized when doing business from the car. I'm not sure I've seen anything effective for this function (and there's a lot of people) who work in their car!

And while those pink gloves are cool - I'm not sure they'd do the most for my 'manly image' - ha! ha! - Mike from Innovate Home Org

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