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Preparation Checklist for a Custom Closet Install

Updated: Mar 29

Attention fellow closet designers and those eagerly anticipating their own custom closet installation! In this post I am sharing a handy checklist to ensure your space is properly cleared and prepped for the big install day:

closet install checklist

Prep checklist for custom closet install:

  • Area for installation has drywall, paint, and flooring down/stained/sealed*

  • If lighting is being installed: proper outlets/junction boxes and light switches are in place.

  • Clients and contractors understand the timeframe and how long the installation will take**

  • Multiple trades are not scheduled for the same day in the same room

  • The house has windows installed and space is in a climate-controlled environment***

  • The house has electricity connected, and installers have the ability to plug in tools

  • The installation team has a clear and safe pathway to unload materials

  • If on the 2nd floor or higher, stairs are sturdy and safe to carry materials

  • If in a high-rise, all necessary paperwork is filled out and submitted prior to the start of installation

  • Closets on construction projects are best installed at the end of construction to avoid damage from flooring, painting, etc., happening around them afterward

  • Parking: as close to entrance as possible with a clear path. If you are in a high rise, having a dolly is important.

The process of preparing for a custom closet installation can vary depending on the designer or company. However, the checklist provided above serves as a guideline for ensuring that the space is properly cleared and prepped for a successful installation.

If you need help purging your closer prior to install, you can read this post. If you want some suggestions for functional closet accessories you can read this, this post or check out these recommendations.

*You can install a closet directly on concrete floor but should you ever wish to replace the closet you are dealing with a flooring issue. If floor is wood but not stained or sanded you are running the risk of damaging the closet and having to pay additional $$ for repairs

**This is important because if it's under construction or the clients need the space completed by X -everyone is on the same page.

***Could impact warranty

If you have any additional questions or would like to work together please click here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch closet designer in dallas

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1 Comment

Mar 30


If that all would be checked off , would be amazing

Also parking is a big one

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