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Hanging Rod & Accessory Finish Options for Your Closet

When you go custom in your closet and the designer or company you work with uses Tag Hardware, you have six different finish options to choose from!

hanging rod finish colors for your closet

From top to bottom Hanging Rods you have:

Matte Aluminum (brushed silver)

matte aluminum hanging rods and accessories in closet

Chrome (Shiny silver)

chrome hanging rods and doors in walk in closet

Matte Nickel (looks like brushed silver got a light whisper of gold)

matte nickel hanging rod and closet accessories

Brushed Gold

brushed gold hanging rods from tag hardware


slate hanging rods from tag hardware


black hanging rods from tag hardware

Along with the hanging rods, you can also coordinate hardware, accessories (valet, belt, tie, scarf, etc.), slanted shoe shelves, fabric baskets, hooks, and more!

tag hardware sample kit

different accessories for your closet

If you want more recommendations on important closet accessories to include in your closet I recommend these posts:

If you have any additional questions or would like to work together please click here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch Dallas based closet designer


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