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I am a Closet Designer & these are the accessories I put in my Own custom closet in Dallas

Last week I shared my apartment closet before & after. Today I am sharing which accessories I designed into my own custom closet!

my custom closet

As a closet designer, these are the accessories I added to my own custom closet:

Built-in laundry:

closet accessories built in laundry

pull out laundry in closet

My partner and I store our laundry in the closet, so incorporating a hamper into the closet design was a priority. I chose the exposed hamper option for its functional design, making it easy to put laundry into the bags without any hassle. Additionally, I made sure there was space between the top of the hamper and the bottom of the baskets above, allowing us to toss our laundry in without needing to pull the hamper out.

Engage Fabric Baskets:

laundry in closet

These engage fabric baskets are excellent for storing various items, including flip-flops and slides that don't require valuable shelf space, bathing suits, scarves, clutches, or they can act as a drawer with adjustable dividers.

Engage Jewelry Tray (converts to folding station):

tag hardware jewelry tray

folding station in closet

The Engage jewelry tray offers fantastic versatility for organizing both jewelry and sunglasses. An added bonus is that you can completely remove the insert, turning the pull-out tray into a convenient folding station!

Valet Rods:

If you've ever found yourself hanging a hanger from another hanger or a doorknob, it's likely that a valet rod would be a valuable addition to your closet! These rods come in handy for various purposes, such as planning outfits, packing for vacations, and organizing dry cleaning items back in the closet. I personally love them so much that we added two to our own closet!

Belt Rack:

closet accessory

tag hardware gold belt rack

The pull-out belt rack is a versatile closet accessory. To learn different uses for it click here to read a recent blog post sharing 5 difference uses for the pull out belt rack.

Closet accessories serve as the finishing touch, elevating your closet to a whole new level of functionality and organization. If you are currently embarking on a custom closet journey, make sure to discuss accessories that will make getting ready in the mornings easy and effortless.

If you have any additional questions or would like to work together please click here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch Custom Closet Designer


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