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My Apartment Closet Reveal pt.2

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

On Tuesday I shared (click here) about redoing my apartment closet with the company I work with, Closet Envy. Today I am sharing the reveal!

closet reveal

Just a quick reminder of the BEFORE:

crappy closet

What was NOT functional about my builders-grade closet:

  • no adjustability

  • not enough usable shelving; the only shelving was narrow and over the hanging rods

  • too much hanging space

  • wooden hanging rods splintered and catch the hanger so they don't glide easily

  • cleats used to hold up the system interfere with your hangers, #1 take up hanging space, and #2 interfere when you are trying to move hangers side to side

  • Hanging rods ran across each other in closet corners. This is impossible to hang both ways; you need a gap for hanger space


Texas closet with tag hardware accessories

new closet in texas

shoe storage in custom closet

Andrea Litsch closet designer

closet install in dallas texas

functional apartment closet storage

New Closet Details:

  • White Cypress finish

  • matte aluminum hanging rods, gold accessories, and a handle for the drawer

  • off the floor

  • full line boring (holes) for adjustability

  • all shelving sections are the same width, which means I can move the shelves to different sections (great for seasonal show swapping!)

  • pull-out laundry hamper with 2 bags

  • 1 pull-out jewelry tray with adjustable insert (can also be removed and used as a folding station)

  • 1 pull-out fabric basket with adjustable dividers

  • 2 valet rods

  • 1 belt rack

What I am most excited about in this closet:

Flexible and adjustable shelving

The three shelving sections are all the same width, which makes it easy to interchange the shelves. This is great for moving around shoes and accessories seasonally.

Valet Rod

Valet rods are great to outfit plan the night before, pack for trips, and disperse dry cleaning.

Clean lines & aesthetic

White cypress which is a beautiful light-colored grain finish. It blends well with the space. The sufficient shelving and accessories make everything easy to see, grab, & go!

There are a lot of functional details and accessories in this closet, which I will break down and discuss in a blog post next week!

If you have any additional questions or would like to work together please click here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Andrea Litsch Closet Designer


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