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Mindfulness in your Closet

We are living in a time that organizing your closet has become an interior styling experience. You want to make your closet look good and also function optimally so getting dressed in the morning is efficient and effortless. These are great steps to keeping the inventory manageable but what if we take it to the next level and start to be more mindful of our shopping habits and how you accumulate items in the first place?

I've shared 4 tips to successfully purge your closet in a previous blog post ( read here), closet storage solutions (read here) and 5 must have closet accessories (read here).

These tips are helpful from a reactive standpoint - we have the mess/area in need of organization and need to create a game plan to tackle it.


What if, after you purge and organize your closet- you start to take a proactive approach and incorporate mindfulness in your closet?

I was inspired after a recent mindfulness class at Breathe- Meditation & Wellness Studio in Dallas.

The Breathe website defines mindfulness as:

The basic human ability to be fully present, be embodied, aware of where we are and what we're doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed. It is the true art of paying attention without judgement.

How are you going to translate mindfulness into your closet?

By taking yourself off autopilot and watching your consumption patterns like they are a 2 year old with a coloring book uncomfortably close to white furniture.


  • know what is taking up space in your closet

  • how it got into your closet (gifted, purchased, acquired etc.)

  • what do you consistently wear

  • What do you never wear

  • what are the hard items to part with even though you know you need to

  • what are you saving instead of enjoying (expensive purse in a dust cover)

primary closet

Becoming aware of what you own & how you got it is step #1 for mindfulness in your closet.

After you tune in more to your closet acquisition methods you can decide if you want to revamp any of your consumption patterns or if you are happy to keep as is. The choice is yours.

If you are interested in virtual help to kick start the purging, organizing and overall closet mindfulness please click here to learn more.

Thank you for stopping by!


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